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Exam 70-487 Preparation: the review

Note: this blog is no longer maintained. Please go here to see the latest updates of this post.

Over the last few weeks, I made a few blog posts containing useful links for Microsoft’s certification exam 70-487: Developing Microsoft Azure and Web Services. I’m pleased to announce that I passed the exam with a score of 873. And because this is the third exam in the MCSD Web Applications track, I am now also a certified Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer.

Of the three exams (70-483 Programming in C#, 70-486 ASP.NET MVC, 70-487 Azure & Web Service), I found this one to be the most difficult. There’s a number of reasons for that. Not only does the exam cover a lot of different topics, some of the content has changed so much over the years it is difficult to keep track what the exam actually covers (I am looking at you Azure). Also, some of the questions were really low-quality and susceptible to various interpretations, which is what you don’t want in such exams.

Lastly, the details of the exam. Most professors and teachers taught me it’s not necessarily a good idea to remember everything by heart just for a certain test or exam because you tend to forget most of it pretty fast. For this exam, you do need to know manykeywords or elements by heart or you won’t make it – unless you have a lot of experience in the field, especially for WCF questions. That being said, I am not an expert in WCF so these questions were more difficult than Entity Framework and Web API, technologies I have worked with for a couple of years now.

However, if you have worked with the technologies before [extensively], studied for the exam and if you have a healthy dosis of problem solving skills (which you probably have – you’re a programmer after all), you could rule out many wrong answers just by using some common sense.

So if you’re preparing for the exam, do it well! Take your time to study and don’t forget to try some samples yourself, it’s amazing how much you remember just by following some guy’s how-to tutorial! You could use my series of blog posts to get to the nitty gritty stuff where the preparation book doesn’t provide sufficient details. Also don’t forget to check out Chris Meyer’s post about this exam.

Good luck with the exam!


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Exam 70-487 Preparation, Part V: Deployment

Note: this blog is no longer maintained. Please go here to see the latest updates of this post.

This is the fifth and final part in the Exam 70-487 preparation materials series. This post will cover all objectives regarding deployment. If you want to see all of this in action, check out the Github repository.

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Custom configuration sections in C#

This is the best article I’ve read about this topic. Very clear and lots of screenshots to show the correlation between the config file and the programatical equivalent. Only drawback is that the code samples can’t be copied pasted because the author took screenshots of the code snippets rather than inserting them as code excerpts.

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This post will provide an example and explanation of how to create custom configuration for C# applications. I will discuss ConfigurationSections, ConfigurationElements, ConfigurationElementCollection. Also I will discuss how to nest these items together. My plan is to take very small steps; implementing each part of the configuration individually.

By the end of the post we will be able to navigate a custom configuration similar to the following config file:


  • Good understanding of C#
  • Good understanding Visual Studio – I’m will be using VS 2012
  • .NET 3.5 and higher
  • Basic understanding of configuration files

The application we are going to create is quite contrived. The school settings that we will store in the config file would usually be stored in a database, but I want to provide a domain that most people understand.

Our Domain

A School has
A Name
A Address
Zero or More Courses
A Course has

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