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A repository of useful PowerShell scripts

Note: this blog is no longer maintained. Please go here to see the latest updates of this post.

Due to a number of circumstances (traveling, certifications, lots of projects), it’s been way too long since I wrote my last post.¬†Anyway, I have had to generate a lot of new files lately. Because I am allergic to repetitive work, I looked for a way to dynamically generate and process files. And for my case, PowerShell scripting comes pretty close to what I needed.

Just like a few of my other posts (the best of StackOverflow and Things I always have to Google, I decided it would be a good idea to centralize these scripts and share them with you. Most of these scripts were made for one specific case so they’re not generic – but upon request I’ll try to make these as generic as possible.

This is going to be a post that I’ll hope to update on regular occasions, so make sure to pay a visit every now and then if you’re working with PowerShell too.

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